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    16 July 2018

    Realisation: An interior specially tailored for you

    Most of the furniture in our showroom will fit in your home or office right away. But what about that old chair you have such fond memories of? Or that built-in cupboard at the end of the hall? Master Furniture…
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    realisatie loft
    28 May 2018

    Realisation: the warmth of DePadova and the cosiness of Teixidors in a single loft

    The customers who live in this apartment were not quite sure of how they wanted their new interior to look. “But when they showed me pictures of their gorgeous loft, I knew that DePadova’s minimalist yet warm designs would be a perfect…
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    realisatie open haard
    3 May 2018

    Realisation: living room and lounge with fireplace

    In this open-plan space we created harmony using Belgian, Dutch and Italian design classics. You definitely can’t miss the most eye-catching element in the room: an impressive, custom-made wall unit with room for a television, books, accessories and a cosy…
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    27 March 2018

    Realisation: a timeless combination with soft colour accents

      Of course, the shapes of the pieces of furniture you’re using are important when you want them to fit into your interior. But don’t ignore the colours you’re working with! Because they can add just that little “something extra”…
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    9 February 2018

    A triumph: the interior design of three spaces, starting from scratch

    A clean sheet can be both daunting and tempting. These customers completely revamped and/or refurbished their living area, kitchen and dining area, which gave them the opportunity to choose their furniture from scratch.

    4 January 2018

    Five tips for creating a seating area

    Master interior architect Isabelle has created two different seating areas in this house. They are perfect examples of these five easy tips, which are easily applied to your own seating area.  1 – Go for comfort and intimacy

    Villa M
    23 May 2017

    Welcome to the dining room and lounge at Villa M

    Villa M is the model home of Master Meubel, located next to our showroom and also the home of the company manager and her family. Take a glimpse into the dining room and lounge.Originally, Villa M was a traditional home…
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    25 April 2017

    The complete furnishing of a sleek design apartment

    The owners had this three-floor coastal apartment fully renovated. The architecture’s sleek white design is alternately emphasised and interrupted by the furnishings, which include furniture, accessories and window coverings.Master Meubel worked on furnishing this triplex with the agreeable collaboration of…
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    realisatie dakappartement
    15 March 2017

    Penthouse design

    This penthouse allowed us to start with a blank sheet: we did not have to take any already purchased or positioned furniture into consideration. Together with our client interior architect Isabelle went in search of the perfect piece of furniture…
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    8 February 2017

    Completed project: furniture that brings nature indoors

    The owners of this house wanted to bring the vast, expansiveness of nature indoors and into their home. In order to help preserve this feeling, choosing the right furniture was crucial.The high ceilings and windows provide lots of light and…
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